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Welcome to Weekly GK Updates | Weekly Current Affairs 2021!

Knowledge of current Weekly GK Updates events is the supreme quality of well-informed citizens and lifelong leaders. This is the reason why most of the Competitive Exams test candidate’s awareness related to current affairs of this week or day-to-day happenings in the Social, Political and Economic circles of the country.

Disha Publication’s initiative with Weekly GK Update pdf & Monthly GK update pdf is an attempt to keep the students abreast of the latest Schemes, Policies, Bills & Acts, Amendments, SC Judgments, Summits, Conferences, Agreements, Organizations, Tribunals, Committees & their recommendations, Important Projects & Missions and many more covering all the topics which make it the best gk questions with answers book in India.

This Weekly GK Update will be delivered on a weekly basis. Students can also get free access to monthly GK updates on weekly current affairs pdf and GK MCQs on various important topics and subjects related to competitive exams like UPSC, State PSC Exams, SSC Exam, Banking, IBPS, RRB, RBI, CLAT, and other competitive examinations. So, let us walk through the corridors of awareness with weekly current affairs in Hindi PDF & monthly current affairs pdf on a weekly & monthly basis.

Get all the free download weekly current affairs pdf and the quality collection of free download monthly current affairs pdf. It’s a great help to furnish your awareness skills.

There are many students who search on Google What are the latest current affairs, How do I know my current affairs, What are the current affairs of India 2020, What is current affairs in English, What is GK Today, and other questions. So this is the best online platform where you can get current affairs 2020, today current affairs, latest current affairs questions and answers, current affairs pdf, daily current affairs pdf, current affairs 2020 in Hindi pdf, daily current affairs quiz for all UPSC, Banking, Railway, and other exams.

Weekly Current Affairs Surge –Online Tests​

Disha’s Weekly GK is getting increasingly popular among students and candidates who were preparing for competitive exams in current affairs daily 2019. And to aggrandize your appetite for General Knowledge and current affairs 2020, we bring you another beautiful opportunity to enhance your knowledge. It is with the view to make you exam-ready for all competitive exams.

Now step into the 2 LEVEL, FREE  WEEKLY Current Affairs ONLINE TESTS every Wednesday at 11 a.m, which gives you a quality check on your IQ and supports you with scores for improvement. Be the first to participate. Month by month gk in Hindi analysis will be provided to you. GK updates January 2020 is available now.

It’s your dream and it’s your opportunity to succeed.

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Week 3 (15 June to 23 June)
Week 4 (24 June to 30 June )
Week 1 (1 June to 7 June)
Week 2 (8 June to 14 June )
Week 3 (15 May to 21 May)
Week 4 (22 May to 31 May )
Week 1 (1 May to 7 May)
Week 2 (8 May to 14 May )
Week 3 (15 April to 21 April)
Week 4 (22 April to 30 April )
Week 1 (1 April to 7 April )
Week 2 (8 April to 15 April )
Week 3 (16 March to 23 March)
Week 4 (24 March to 31 March )
Week 1 (1 March to 7 March )
Week 2 (8 March to 15 March )
Week 3 (15 Feb to 21 February )
Week 4 (22 Feb to 28 February )
Week 1 (1 Feb to 7 February )
Week 2 (8 Feb to 14 February )
Week 3 (15 Jan to 21 January )
Week 4 (22 Jan to 31 January )
Week 1 (1 Jan to 7 January )
Week 2 (8 Jan to 14 January )

Week 32

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